WIP: Prophecy of the Wolf Duel/Diorama

Model Name: Ragnar Blackmane & Ghazghkull Thraka from the box “Prophecy of the Wolf” (GW)

Additional Scenery: Battlezone-Manufactorum Vertigus

I used a ready-made base I crafted and recently used for my Celennar Diorama.

Full tutorial of this base can be found here.

If you want a copy of this base,  I’ve made resin copies that are now  available in my shop. They are already cleaned up and primed, all you have to do is customize and paint them. See Product here.

Grab a scenery. Break it. Rebuild it.

(Source: Random plastic Bits fro Vertigus Scenery)

Primer: Bosny Flat Black .

Base Colours: AK Dark Rust + Golden Fluid Acrylic Violet Oxide

ADD: MIG Rust pigment in the paint mix for a thick rusty effect.

Ragnar Colour Scheme

Dark Blue Grey Palette

Armor: AK Dark Blue Grey and AK Sky Grey

Fur/Wolf Cape: AK Dark Blue Grey , AK Grey Brown, AK Medium Grey, and Sky Grey

Sword/Accessories: [Black+Citadel Iron Warriors, Citadel Nuln Oil, FP3 Radiant Platinum] and  [SC Viking Gold + AK Yellow]

Ghazghkull Thraka WIP PHOTOS